BREAKING: In Stinging Defeat, Democrats Vote Against Obama’s Fast-Track Trade Deal

by Warner Todd Huston | May 12, 2015 3:28 pm

Obama’s own Party voted en-masse against his fast-track trade deal today with only one Democrat backing his president.

The vote to cut off a fillibuster and proceed to a vote on Obama’s trade bill went down to defeat 52 to 45[1]. Only Delaware Democrat Senator Tom Carper voted in favor of Obama’s deal.

This is a big win for Mass. left-winger Elizabeth Warren who has taken the lead in opposing Obama’s bill.

Fast-track is a top legislative priority for the White House, but it has run into significant Senate opposition that has been led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).
It faces even more opposition from Democrats in the House, and the surprise Senate failure will raise doubts about whether the legislation will make its way through Congress.

Labor unions and other left-leaning groups have declared war on the fast-track bill, which they argue would ship jobs overseas. The Senate is generally a more pro-trade body than the House, and it has been easier to move trade agreements through the upper chamber.

This is one where the Republicans are actually backing Obama’s move. But it is significant that the Democrats completely abandoned their president here.

Obama lost this one big time.

So, the exit question is this: since the Democrats just voted against Obama does that mean they are all racists?

  1. Obama’s trade bill went down to defeat 52 to 45:

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