BREAKING: Sherrod Says She’ll Sue Andrew Breitbart

New Media mogul Andrew Breitbart faces a lawsuit from former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod over his posting of video of the woman in a seemingly racist outburst at an NAACP meeting.

Sherrod made the announcement at the San Diego convention of the National Association of Black Journalists on Thursday, July 29.

Isn’t it a bit amusing that Sherrod is suing someone for a “racist” attack on her when she is announcing the thing at the “National Association of Black Journalists.” It is an interesting dichotomy, anyway.

Sherrod also once again pushed the lie that Fox News was a culprit in her firing. “It wasn’t all media. It was Fox,” the fired federal employee said to the Old Media.

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The FACT is, Fox had precisely nothing to do with her firing as Fox News didn’t start broadcasting the story until after she was fired by the Obama administration.

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