BREAKING: The Obamas Make Sickening Announcement About Christmas

BREAKING: The Obamas Make Sickening Announcement About Christmas

This will be the Obama’s last Christmas in Hawaii as the First Family. Next year, they will stay in DC. I think most of America agrees with me when I say that I really don’t give a flying crap what they do at Christmas. Except for the fact that they have a penchant for spending millions of American dollars while they do said crap. Usually, during their Christmas outings, they don’t venture out much. Just to get shaved ice, go swimming or have dinner with friends. Of course, Obama is always up for playing golf. That’s what he’s spent most of his presidency over the last seven years doing. It certainly hasn’t been national defense or handling the financial woes of America. He’s acting more like a jet setting play boy than the most powerful leader in the world. 2016 can’t come soon enough.

Obama Christmas

From the Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama and the first family will return to Hawaii for their Christmas vacation next week for the eighth year running.

The White House confirmed Friday that the Obamas are due to leave Washington for the island on December 18, the Huffington Post reports.

It is not yet known where they will stay this year, though they have traditionally rented out a property in the upscale Kailua area on Oahu island.

During their year-end trips to the Hawaiian islands the Obamas typically lounge around their rental home, venturing out only on occasion for shaved ice and dinner with their friends.

The Obamas usually stay on Oahu, in the wealthy Kailua neighborhood where they rent a $3,500-a-day beach property. They go on hikes, snorkeling in Hanauma Bay and dine at Alan Wong’s. They also go to the Honolulu Zoo and spend a lot of time at the beach. Obama generally spends his time on the golf course or working out at a local Marine Corps base. Savor the irony of that for a moment. These ‘vacations’ cost about $4 million a pop. Taxpayers will pick up the tab for at least seven other homes in the area that Secret Service and White House staff stay in. In 2012, the trip cost us $7 million. Obama has also helped his staff get into the Christmas spirit with an executive order to close federal offices on Christmas Eve afternoon to allow employees more time with their families. Wow… how generous of him. Must be nice to be king.

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