Chicago’s Mayor Daley Must Want an 80-Year-Old to be Shot to Death?

It’s no coincidence when Mayor Richard “King” Daley is all over the news sternly scolding 2nd Amendment supporters over their interest in upholding the U.S. Constitution after one of the gang thugs that lives in his city kills a kid or two (or 50 or more). He revels in these deaths like some grim reaper lawmaker. But when the story turns into an 80-year-old man saving his own life with a firearm, “King” Daley’s morbid anti-gun rants suddenly go quiet.

After Mr. Grant, an 80-year-old Korean War vet, heard the sounds of a break-in, he went to investigate the noise and was fired upon by the criminal when he did so. Fortunately, Mr. Grant was not hit by the assailant’s bullet. The, however, crook was not so lucky as Mr. Grant’s return fire hit home killing the intruder on the spot.

Police did not press charges on the elderly man who had legally broken Daley’s gun ban law.

Grant’s wife told reporters, “The only thing I could think is ‘God, please save my husband, myself and my grandbaby.'” Mrs. Grant and her great-grandson, 12, were also in the house when the break-in occurred.

“I was scared to death,” she said. “You’re in your bed asleep, and somebody shoots a gun in your home. I’m still shook up.”

The thankfully eliminated thug was named Anthony Nelson and was a neighbor of the Grants.

Nelson had a 13-page rap sheet that includes a number of drug and weapons convictions dating to 1998, according to police and court records. He lived less than a mile from the home he broke into. Neighbors recognized him from his mug shot as a man they had seen at the corner liquor store who went by the name “Big Ant.”

Mr. Grant’s son spoke out against Richard “Grim Reaper” Daley’s gun ban.

“How are we going to protect our homes without guns?” the son said. “That gun law should be abolished. You don’t need guns on the street, but you need them in the home for protection.”

Yet as Daley’s police force constantly fails to assure the safety of citizens, the mayor tries to take away their God given right to self defense.

Naturally when the media tried to press Daley about the life-saving gunfire from Mr. Grant, the “King” refused to talk about it. Of course, the incident didn’t fit his agenda, you see. Guns can’t be used to save lives as far as Daley is concerned, so this incident will be summarily ignored, thank you very much.

One thing he did say shows his ignorance. “We can’t have the wild west,” he said to the press in his typically annoyed manner. Well, “King” Daley, we don’t have the wild west in Chicago. Thanks to you, Kingie, we have nothing like the wild west because in the wild west people had the capability to defend themselves. What YOU have set up is some sort of Kafkaesque world were the criminals roam free and boldly shoot down anyone they want as Chicago’s Keystone Kops scurry around like fools while law abiding citizens are forced to cower in their homes unable to defend themselves. That sure isn’t anything like the wild west, Kingie! In the wild west at least folks had a sporting chance. In your city, King Daley, you have set up a world where only the innocent get killed.

Thank God Mr. Grant had the good sense to ignore your hapless, dangerous, anti-American ideas, King Daley. This 80-year-old Army vet saved the lives of a 12-year-old and his 83-year-old wife. And it was no thanks to your Keystone Kops and your anti-American policy agendas, King Daley.

We can only hope that the Supreme Court of the United States of America over turns your agenda, Richard “Grim Reaper” Daley.

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