Children Better Behaved Than Union Thugs in Wisconsin

The MacIver Institute of Wisconsin has been doing stellar work on the situation between the unions and the rest of Wisconsin since Governor Scott Walker first entered the Governor’s mansion. The Institute has really shown the thuggery that is the unions again and again, revealing them for what they are.

Well, MacIver has done it again… or rather the unions have done it again.

Governor Walker had planned a visit to the Messmer Preparatory School in Milwaukee, a school that exemplifies what good education is. After all, 85% of the students that graduate from Messmer end up graduating from college.

The union thugs struck the night before Walker’s visit by attempting to glue the locks and doors of the school shut to discourage the visit. Then, the day of the visit they arranged a raucous protest replete with ignorant comments to women, physical and verbal intimidation, and ancient protest chants that one might have heard in the 1970s.

MacIver produced a fantastic video that so easily shows the difference between the ignorant behavior of the union thugs and the beautifully well behaved children in the school.

Obnoxious Protest at Successful Choice School

The video speaks volumes, doesn;t it?

Unions not even as well behaved children.


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