Children’s Book Publisher Collapses to Radical Environmentalist Pressure

Extremist environmentalists have won yet another victory for propagandizing our children in schools by forcing Scholastic Books to junk a proposed energy-themed classroom education packet that treated the subject in a more even handed mode in favor of a program that only pushes extremist enviro policies. Yes, once again, the hard-core, anti-capitalist left has won a victory to control what our kids are taught in our schools.

As we learn from Commentary Magazine, Scholastic’s energy program has been under attack from the far left for weeks. Mother Jones Magazine, The New York Times, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, and the group aptly named “Treehugger” have been attacking the children’s book publisher to force them to jettison the proposed series because Scholastic had authored the program in partnership with the American Coal Foundation.

The 4th grade lesson program was built on a larger look at America’s energy products including coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power along with the so-called green energies of wind and solar power. But the inclusion of traditional (and technologically possible) forms of energy like coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear was enough to send the heads of the radical enviro-wacko’s heads spinning.

The enviro-wackos claimed that this program was an evil attempt at “commercial indoctrination” of kids. This, then, is what caused them to launch their concentrated attack on the publisher. But as Bryan Preston has it closer to the truth. “This is the latest in the left’s campaign against fossil fuels, claiming that providing children any information on coal is commercial indoctrination, worthy of an all out ideological war. But the original lesson packet wasn’t limited to coal, and also included general information on nuclear, hydroelectric power, wind, natural gas and solar energy.”

Sadly, Scholastic has bowed to the pressure of these far-out leftists. Now, instead of a sensible and logical look at America’s energy possibilities Scholastic will give the kiddies a guide written by “expert” Laurie David, the Hollywooder that helped Al Gore write and co-produce his slanted and scientifically dubious film Inconvenient Truth.

As Commentary says, the replacement program is, “filled with alarmism and environmental propaganda, hinting to kids that polar bears and walruses will die if their parents don’t buy hybrid cars or promote ethanol-based fuel.”

The new program even encourages little kids to assault their local politicians with pre-written letters telling them to start enviro-themed programs.

Dear Mayor _____________________________________,

Global warming is real and its here to stay — unless we do something to stop it. There’s an amazing agreement that more than 400 of your fellow mayors have signed. It’s called the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. It’s a 12-step program that sets reasonable goals for you city to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to below what the levels were in 1990. Please join these other mayors in being leads in the fight to stop global warming.

The kids of the world are depending on you.


__________________________________, Age _______

Scholastic has gone from giving kids a dispassionate look at America’s energy policy to using children as political pawns to advance a radical, left-wing, anti-capitalist, environmental policy. Yeah, that’s a good trade off, eh?

All because Scholastic didn’t have the spine to stand up to the radical enviro-lobby.

Folks, we need to take back our education system from the anti-American forces of the left that daily have our children in thrall to far left, anti-American ideals. We ignore this sort of garbage at our own peril. With programs like this flooding into our schools every day it is no wonder we are turning out voters without a clue driving this country toward socialist utopian thinking.

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