City of Spokane Fires Race Faker Rachel Dolezal from Police Watchdog Board

by Warner Todd Huston | June 19, 2015 11:13 am

If you were following the case of race faker Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who for years has lied and said she is a black woman, had also become a member of the city’s citizen watchdog group that oversees the police department. Well, now the city has unanimously booted her off the board since she lied about her race on her application to be appointed to the board.

The city was looking into whether or not Dolezal actually broke the law by lying on her application and did note that it was at least an ethics violation.

But now, they’ve taken the first step by firing her[1] from the board.

City leaders voted Thursday to remove Rachel Dolezal from a police oversight committee in Spokane.

The vote came during a special City Council meeting.

The Spokane City Council voted 6 to 0 to remove Rachel Dolezal from the Police Ombudsman Commission due to misconduct which was originally reported in a whistle-blower complaint.

…The investigator found behavioral misconduct during interactions with City employees by three members of the commission including Dolezal. The eight findings include workplace harassment, taking on duties not assigned, changing official meeting minutes, and criticizing the person that filed the complaint against all three in public.

So, one more straw falls in the Dolezal case. Let’s hope she continues to lose status. She deserves to lose everything since her entire life is built on a pile of lies and divisive, hate-filled lies at that.

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