Civility Watch: Dem Leader in NH vows Dems Will Help GOP “Hang Themselves”

by Sister Toldjah | January 28, 2011 10:25 am

Via the NH Journal[1]:

Amidst a national dialogue about softening political rhetoric, members of an Obama-affiliated organization are threatening to hang Granite State Republicans in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, according to a news story in the Citizen of Laconia[2].

“They’re going to hang themselves,” said Belknap Democratic Chair Ed Allard[3] of Republicans. “And we’re going to help them.”

Allard’s threat came during a meeting of despondent Democrats in Belknap County on Thursday evening. The meeting was hosted by President Obama’s Organizing for America.

I demand an apology/retraction during this “time of healing.” After all, we are in the “New Tone” era of politics, right?

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