Colorado Teen Pleads Guilty to Wanting to Join Terrorist ISIS Forces in Syria

by Warner Todd Huston | September 13, 2014 2:16 pm

A 19-year-old woman who recently converted to Islam in Colorado has pleaded guilty to attempting to leave the USA to fly to Syria in order to join the terrorist group known as ISIS.

Shannon Conley of suburban Denver tried to fly to Syria to give aide to ISIS. She said she wanted to lend them her expertise as a nurse’s aide and to help further jihad against non-Muslims. She was arrested and charged with attempting to give aide to terrorists to which she now pleaded guilty.

The folks at[1] make some salient points:

Conley, an American Muslim, told federal authorities who took her into custody that she planned to marry a man that she met on the Internet who claimed to be an Islamic State soldier.

The existence of one ISIS sympathizer in the country, not to mention hundreds who have left the United States to fight in the Middle East, is a clear indication of the possibility of untold additional such individuals still in the homeland, potentially prepared to commit atrocities here in the name of radical Islam.

In fact, to deny the probability that such people exist seems to fly in the face of logic. But that appears to be exactly what Barack Obama is doing.

In fact, this goes right along with the piece we just posted here at RightWingNews about the murder of Brendan Tevlin[2], a young man cut down by a homegrown jihadist.

This sort of stuff will grow. Don’t think it won’t. And all Barack Obama’s claims that ISIS “isn’t Muslim” won’t stop millions of Muslims in the west deciding to join their brothers whether by physically going to Syria or Iraq to fight or killing fellow citizens where they live.

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