Communist Truther Van Jones’ Green Graft Legacy Lives On

Remember Van Jones, the self-described communist and “rowdy black nationalist” who admitted to having been “radicalized in jail”? Comrade Obamao set him up as Green Jobs Czar and gave him a staggering $60 billion of our money to create green jobs, leaving even Newsreek to wonder where the money went when no one could even explain what a green job is, much less create one. Jones was driven out of office after Glenn Beck publicized the fact that he is a 9/11 Truther who wants us to believe that George Bush blew up the World Trade Center. But his green graft tactics are still used to funnel fortunes of our money to radical left crooks. Big Government reports:

ACORN’s New York operations are looking forward to a potential new flow of federal dollars, thanks to the New York State Senate and New York Governor Paterson.

Together they applied the Van Jones’ Apollo doctrine to tap into federal stimulus money allocated to New York.

Governor Paterson recently signed into law something called the “Green Jobs — Green New York Act of 2009“. The new law provides for the creation of a massive slush fund of federal stimulus dollars to be set aside for “green jobs”.

Paterson is such a joke that even left-wing Saturday Night Live can’t refrain from making fun of him. However, if we keep allowing our liberal rulers to shovel our money into the pockets of scum like Van Jones and ACORN, the joke is on us.

Van Jones and a few of his ignominious associates.

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