Congress Gives Michelle An UNWANTED Farewell Present – Her Legacy To Be SHUT DOWN!

by Just An American | December 29, 2016 3:57 pm

Well, well, well… looks like Michelle Obama is getting a parting gift from Congress and it’s not one she’s going to like in the least bit. When the NEW Congress meets with the Republican Chief Executive, there is a fat chance that there will be any Obama regulations standing when they are done.


This unfortunately for Michelle Obama includes her self-proclaimed ‘legacy’ as First Lady…and all the regulations that were originated by her as well.

There is a powerful group of Republican lawmakers that reside in the lower chamber and they are wasting no time in urging Congress to abolish Queen Michelle Obama’s much hated school lunch program.[2]

In fact, there was a document released on the website of Rep. Mark Meadows that is calling for the full REPEAL of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. This is the legislative bill that assisted Michelle Obama’s signature program into law in the first place. The act itself is part of a larger initiative that was called and released under the title: “First 100 Days: Rules, Regulations and Executive Orders to Examine, Revoke and Issue”

“The largest of the five school- and center-based programs, the National School Lunch Program, fed about 30 million children each school day in 2014 and cost $12.7 billion,” the report read. “The rules are hallmarks of the Obama administration, but kids aren’t eating the foods, industries can’t comply with the standards, and schools are wasting money.”

It was reported that due to the restrictions on fat, calories, sodium, sugar and other nutritional parameters being enacted in 2012, over 1.2 million Americans students have actually stopped eating school lunches…period.

The bill also insists that every student take a fruit or a vegetable whether they intend to eat it or not, this alone has created a whopping amount of food waste, as the students would then just throw the unwanted veggies and fruit away.

If you haven’t seen for yourself how awful Michelle Obama’s lunches are…these pictures will tell you all you need to know! Brace yourself…it’s bad.






School lunches should be providing our kids with nutrition and healthy options…that’s no question. However, these lunches offer neither. They are more like a form of torture than they are actual lunches for growing bodies and brains.

What in the hell was this woman thinking?

Oh and just in case you didn’t know…this is how HER children eat at school:







While Barack Obama dumbs down our children with Commoncore, Michelle ensures our children’s brains lack the nutrients they need to perform at all.


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