Costs For Obama’s Kenya Vacation Piling Up: Now Hotel Bill Alone Tops $1 Million

by Warner Todd Huston | August 18, 2015 11:08 am

Yesterday we reported that the cost of Obama’s vacation trip to Kenya and Ethiopia are starting to come in and it appeared that the cost of his hotels alone was upwards to $412,000. But now some more costs have come in and it looks like that hotel bill was closer to $1 million tax dollars!

We reported on Monday[1] that Jeryl Bier of the Weekly Standard was totaling costs to the U.S. taxpayer of Obama’s little trip to Africa. But today Bier has an update on those costs showing that the costs are starting to climb[2].

One of the additional hotels was the Elilly Hotel. The contract total was estimated at $246,877.06 for 120 sleeping rooms, but the number of nights covered is not revealed in the paperwork…

Another of the additional hotels was the Capital Hotel and Spa. The estimated total for that contract was $178,433.71 for 1,000 room nights:

It should be noted that these charges have yet to be completely reported by the government. There are costs from several other nights that have yet to be reported and that means the hotel costs alone will surge far past one million tax dollars spent.

So, do you think America got its money’s worth?

  1. reported on Monday:
  2. the costs are starting to climb:

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