Daley’s Newest Stab at a Gun Ban

by Warner Todd Huston | July 2, 2010 11:41 am

Daley’s temper tantrum against guns continues, but at a much subdued pace. With its recent McDonald v the City of Chicago ruling the Supreme Court of the United States essentially made Daley’s outright gun ban unconstitutional so the mayor has had to retrench and come up with new onerous rules to try and limit guns in his kingdom.

As always, the Chicago City Council rubber stamped Richard “King” Daley’s whims — why do we have a city council anyway?

The new rules do show the mayor’s defeated position, however, as they are much less stringent than his previous mandates. Daley also shied from insisting that there be a one-gun limit and also dropped the idea of expensive and onerous insurance requirements for gun owners, the latter an idea popular with many gun banners.

Still the National Rifle Association intends to challenge the new rules claiming that it is all still unconstitutional.

Daley’s new rules include[1]:

First off the gun range requirements are clearly unconstitutional. You can’t require expensive classes to take advantage of a right! And the idea that police and first responders can’t do their job without a gun registry is patently idiotic. They do their job all across the country without such a registry. On top of that the people that would use guns for nefarious reasons, the ones that first responders need to fear, certainly won’t obey Daley’s registration rules in the first place.

In fact, we already know that gun registries fail. The Canadians started one and the number of registrations is millions of guns under the estimated number of guns were there before the registry started.

And the rules of disassembling guns is also patently absurd. Not only is it unconstitutional to require people to take their firearms apart but there is no possible way to enforce the rule. Is every gun owner going to see a visit from the police to make sure they tore down their guns? That is hardly feasible, nor is it constitutional.

On top of all this, the city already has access to a registry of sorts. In Illinois every citizen that wants to buy firearms or ammunition must have a Firearms Owners ID Card that is registered with the State Police. You don’t have to have this card just to own a gun, granted, but you have to have it to buy and sell.

In any case, I’d guess that there will be more lawsuits against the city and rightfully so. I am cautiously optimistic that 2nd Amendment rights are finally falling under legal protection for the first time sine the 1920s. Almost every state has concealed carry laws (except Wisc. and Ill.) and even Democrats are shying from gun banning as an election issue these days.

Gun owners are winning legal battles all over the place and this is a good thing. Daley’s newest attempt to regulate guns is weak tea compared to his attempt to outright ban them. The Constitution, at least where the Second Amendment is concerned, is finally winning.

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