Dartmouth Students Demand Gay Black Student President Resign For Not Being Liberal Enough

by Warner Todd Huston | May 7, 2015 11:34 pm

This is where liberals must end up. A gay, black student class president isn’t liberal enough being gay and black. So, he’s got to go.

As it happens, the recently elected gay black student named Frank Cunningham was at a party when some “black lives matters” protesters crashed the thing. Cunningham was upset that his party was disrupted and got in an argument with the crashers.

Then he was called an Uncle Tom and told that he didn’t care about black people. Yeah. That’s liberal “logic” for you.

One of those in attendance at the party was Frank Cunningham, who last month was elected as the college’s Student Assembly president. Cunningham was allegedly insulted by one of the protesters, who supposedly called him a derogatory name along the lines of “Uncle Tom.” Following the attack, Cunningham engaged in a spat with the protester, which was captured on video. Cunningham is the man in white on the left.

Not much of the exchange can be made out, other than Cunningham at one point shouting the protesters’ chant “I Can’t Breathe” back at them. Shortly afterwards, bystanders separate Cunningham from the protesters without any further escalation.

Nonetheless, the protesters have launched a petition effort demanding that Cunningham immediately resign for intimidating a smaller woman and for “appropriating” the words “I can’t breathe.”

“[Cunningham] taunts, mocks, screams, and forces his way into the face of a female Dartmouth student protestor. The taunting of his peers heightened during a chant memorializing the last words of Eric Garner: ‘I CAN’T BREATHE!’” the petition says. “Despite ones’ views of the protesters or their message, surely such embarrassing behavior by the president-elect of Student Assembly is uncouth, unjustified, and counter to the values of mutual respect encouraged and protected by Dartmouth’s mission statement.”

One signatory of the petition, Dartmouth student Joseph Ramsawak, succinctly says “We ain’t here for fuckboys and shoe-shining coonery,” apparently a more vulgar way of calling Cunningham an “Uncle Tom” for serving as student body president at a mostly white, wealthy school like Dartmouth.

Liberals truly are idiots and our so-called universities are filled to the brim with them.

Source URL: https://rightwingnews.com/democrats/dartmouth-students-demand-gay-black-student-president-resign-for-not-being-liberal-enough/