DC City Council Stole $110K From an At Risk Kid’s Program to Fund Obama’s Exclusive Inaugural Gala

by Warner Todd Huston | June 17, 2015 5:35 pm

When the Washington D.C. City Council pleaded for $110,000 in funding for a program for at risk kids they cried that it was “for the children.” But not long after the money was given to the city, officials decided to use it to fund a big party for Obama’s 2009 inaugural. Now one official has been sentenced for this theft.

Former DC official Neil S. Rodgers was sentenced this week[1] for the theft and six others have pled guilty in separate cases for the misappropriation of the funding.

Neil S. Rodgers, a former D.C. government official, was sentenced Tuesday for his role in the misappropriation of $110,000 earmarked for D.C.’s Children at Risk and Drug Prevention Fund to cover a deficit for the 51st State Inaugural Ball for President Obama’s inauguration in 2009. Rodgers, found guilty of fraud in March, was sentenced to 36 days (served on weekends) plus two years of probation. Rodgers must also repay the entire $110,000 as restitution for his crime.

In 2008, as arrangements were underway for inauguration celebrations, the Washington City Paper reported on former council member Harry Thomas Jr.’s early plans for the 51st State Inaugural Ball, noting that “there would have to be a plan to raise funds for the event, and security and cleanup concerns would also have to dealt with. Thomas says all that will be taken care of; he says he plans to seek private donations to cover the difference between the event’s cost and the revenues raised by the $51 ticket cost.” Donations, however, came up short. Justice Department officials described Rodgers’s role in the misappropriation scheme in a Tuesday press release.

Remember… it’s for the children.

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