Democrat Rep. Halvorson (Illinois) Sponsors Protest Rally Calling Opponent a Nazi

First time Representative Democrat Debbie Halvorson of Illinois’ 11th District is struggling in the polls against Republican Adam Kinzinger. Her desperation is starting to show, too, because her office just got caught supplying Democrat staffers to a protest rally holding signs that call Kinzinger a Nazi. Kinzinger is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and flew missions in Iraq.

A line of protesters showed up at a Kinzinger appearance on Sept. 15th sporting signs calling the Republican military vet a Nazi. Kinzinger’s folks filmed the little protest and followed the perpetrators right back to Halvorson’s office. Video reveals that Halvorson’s office workers seemed to know the protesters.

Kinzinger wants to know why these outrageous, over-the-top protesters seemed to be members of Halvorson’s ofice? He i demanding an apology from Halvorson

And now it seems that one of these protesters has been identified as a member of Obama’s Organizing for America. Apparently Halvorson and the Democrats shipped this woman from her home base in St. Louis, missouri to Northern Illinois in order to lead a protest calling Kinzinger a Nazi! GatewayPundit has the info on this woman.

So much for “grassrootiness” in protesting, eh? If this isn’t top down, what is? Always remember, all Democrat efforts are a sham led from the top. There are no true Democrat grassroots efforts. These people are simply un-American scum.

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