Democrat Truthers And Teaching 9/11 The Liberal Way

by William Teach | September 9, 2009 8:27 am

The New Republic admits what we already knew: Democrats are Truthers[1] (via Jonah Goldberg[2])

Jones was wrong, actually, in disavowing his support for 9/11 conspiracy theory. He signed the document, which can only mean that he supports the idea that 9/11 was planned, or that the Bushies knew something more than they have said, or at least that the charge is plausible enough to require investigation.

But support for that idea is hardly unknown among people of the left — and often gestural in its own way; look one of these types in the eye and ask “Do you really think George Bush and his cabinet engineered the murder of thousands and have kept the secret for eight years?” and watch the nervous pause and the look off into the distance. Speculations in this vein hardly meant that Jones was not sincerely committed to working within the government to do good.

Let’s remember the study[3] about 9/11 in which 61 Percent of Democrats either believe or are not sure that Bush knew in advance about the 9/11 attacks. Perhaps this could explain why the vast majority of the media didn’t even bother mentioning[4]the Van Jones fiasco until he resigned. And, perhaps, it could explain why the Obama administration did not care about the Trutherism of Jones when they hired him.

Meanwhile, up in New Jersey, they are going to teach students about 9/11[5]. Supposedly

As many New Jersey schools reopened this week, they immediately will grapple with Friday’s anniversary of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil.

How do they remember the 9/11 attacks in a meaningful way for students and, more importantly, how do they teach children about it?

To help schools address those questions and teach what many consider a daunting subject, dozens of New Jersey classrooms this fall will begin a piloting curriculum on 9/11 and global terrorism that has been developed over the last year.

The agenda will be optional for teachers. On first blush, you might say “hey, they’re mostly liberals, so, they’ll probably ignore the program.” Ah, but, it appears that the program may be a little, shall we say, funky?

Many current history and social studies textbooks discuss 9/11 and schools hold memorials each September, but few went beyond that, said those involved in the project.

“They kind of balked at giving students context of why it happened, and could it happen again,” Salamone said.

They want to turn this into a “teachable moment,” rather than just a rememberance, and, we all know what the Left thinks of the context of why it happened. Remember, so many of them were coming out and blaming America for 9/11 right after it happened, and wanted to have a conversation on what America could do to make the world stop hating us.

Winkler said the lessons wrestle with the differences between terrorists and freedom fighters, and how the United States is viewed by others around the world. Students also learn how day-to-day life has been changed by the 9/11 attacks, and ways in which people create memorials and remembrances.

The youngest students learn about bullying, the fear it instills in children and why some people act as bullies, Simpkins said.

In a high school unit, students work to define terrorism and discuss violent acts, from the Columbine High School shootings in Colorado to the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

In other words, what did we do wrong to make these terrorist nutjobs attack us.

I’d like to see the whole curriculum for verification, but, those paragraphs about it do not instill confidence.

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