Democrats Remove Jefferson, Jackson From Fundraising Name

by William Teach | July 24, 2015 6:54 am

This is how silly Democrats are getting….yes, I know, Democrats are always silly

(ctpost[1]) Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are history in Connecticut.

Under pressure from the NAACP, the state Democratic Party will scrub the names of the two presidents from its annual fundraising dinner because of their ties to slavery.

Party leaders voted unanimously Wednesday night in Hartford to rename the Jefferson Jackson Bailey dinner in the aftermath of last month’s fatal shooting of nine worshipers at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C.

The decision is believed to be unprecedented and could prompt Democrats in other states with similarly named events to follow suit.

No word if Democrats are going to demand that everything that bears the name of Robert Byrd, a Democratic icon who was a high ranking member in the KKK, be changed.

Balletto said blacks and Native Americans are a major constituency of the Democratic Party.

“When something offends someone, it’s beyond being politically correct,” Balletto said.

“It just causes a need for change.”

When will Democrats change the name of their political Party? It’s offensive. It is steeped in a history[2] of racism, segregation, the KKK, bigotry, and Jim Crow. It’s a party that likes to keep blacks[3] in modern day plantations of despair, like Detroit, Baltimore, and Birmingham, all while patronizing them, treating them simply as a voting block rather than people, and thinking that Blacks are “theirs”. Democrats need to change their name.

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