Dems Pushing For Saturday Health Destruction Vote, Throw Out Bribes

Obama and The Donkeys is perhaps the worst band ever. Never have so many been so tone deaf. Lead singer Nancy Pelosi is pushing them over the edge, refusing to listen to her audience from poll after poll stating that they do not like her 1,900+ piece. Nor does she listen to any of the protests. On Thursday, there were 10,000 strong, mostly ignored by the media, saying “hell no!” But, she will press ahead with the craptacular concert on Saturday, perhaps Sunday, anyhow

House Democratic leaders are pushing for a Saturday vote on their sweeping health-care bill, but they are struggling to win over shaky rank-and-file members who could hold up its passage.

Democrats tacked new provisions onto the legislation late Tuesday, clearing one of the final hurdles for bringing the bill to the floor. One of the additions would raise $24 billion for the bill by eliminating a biofuels tax break for pulp and paper companies. Another would place tighter restrictions on insurance companies to prevent them from increasing consumers’ premiums without cause.

How do you get to a 1,900+ page bill? Massive beauracratese language, new entitlements, and bribes. Let’s call them what they are. If this happened in the private sector, some people would be hauled up in front of a judge and jury.

But the changes didn’t resolve sharp differences among Democrats over how the bill handles funding for abortion, with some saying they won’t support the legislation until it addresses their concerns. Republican victories in two gubernatorial elections Tuesday night are also making some wavering members uneasy about voting for a $1.055 trillion bill.

Lost among all the hoopla about bribes, abortion funding, and the costs, is the unknown measure of how this will exactly work. No one really knows. The Democrats sure aren’t saying, beyond the typical talking point that it will lower costs and we need health care reform. How. I have been asking “how” for 5 months, at least. I have called my local Congress Critter’s office (Brad Miller, D-NC-13) dozens of times, and Senator Kay Hagan’s office at least 6 times, and no one can actually give me real details. Nor can they explain how my taxes will not sky-rocket.

For party leaders, setting a weekend deadline for passage represented a calculated risk, one that could backfire if the vote — now expected late Saturday or Sunday — fails or must be delayed. But they feared that if members were given more time to consider the legislation, new issues could arise, particularly as lawmakers digest the results from Tuesday’s elections. Most ominous for Democrats were their losses in gubernatorial contests in New Jersey and Virginia, although the party did prevail in House special elections in New York and California.

Queen Nancy has broken her pledge to put the final bill on-line for all to view at least 72 hours ahead of a vote. And John Fund reports on the Madness Of Queen Nancy

“It reminds me of Major Nicholson, the obsessed British major in the film ‘Bridge on the River Kwai,'” one Democrat told me. “She is fixated on finishing her health care bridge even as she’s lost sight of where it’s going and what damage it could cause to her own troops.”

I just have to wonder how ugly the tone of the country will be if Democrats manage to pass this suicidal piece of craptacular legislation.

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