Dick Durbin Expresses His Concern for Those Crushed by Big Government

by Dave Blount | September 8, 2010 2:05 pm

What does the federal government’s ham-fisted expropriation of the entire student loan industry to help finance ObamaCare mean for students of private colleges? The No. 2 Democrat in the Senate Dick Durbin offers a clue. Pardon his language[1]:

[S]tudents at the Illinois Institute of Art — a player in the burgeoning for-profit education industry that Durbin has been assailing of late — say they’re offended by the way the assistant Senate majority leader dismissed their concerns about a proposed new government regulation that would severely limit their eligibility for federally subsidized grants and loans.

“I don’t give a tick’s sh*t about I-L-I-S or any of these other guys,” witnesses say Durbin told sign-carrying student-protesters on a downtown Chicago sidewalk, referring generally to for-profit colleges and specifically to the Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg (for which “ILIS” was the acronym printed on many of their T-shirts).

Durbin also accused the protestors of being paid to be there — a familiar projection from liberal politicians who rely on union astroturfing to turn out bodies to support their malignant agenda. As for whether Durbin had a solution for students at for-profit schools who will no longer be able to afford tuition because of targeted loan and grant restrictions on them, the answer is no.

Every time Big Government gains an inch of ground at the expense of the free market, it uses it for leverage to take another yard. To deny that the ultimate objective is complete government control of everything — i.e., Soviet-style totalitarian collectivism — would be naive.

America stood up to the British Empire, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and the Soviet Union. Now it is being conquered from within by the likes of Dick Durbin.

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