Disgusting: Women’s Choir Replaces Jesus’ Name With ‘Hillary’ in Performance of Hymn

In a display of sycophancy so corrupt as to boggle the mind, a far left women’s choir based in New Hampshire decided it would be cool to take Jesus’ name out of a traditional hymn and replace it with “Hillary.”

This group of left-wingers calling themselves “Voices From The Heart” are so extreme their 2012 Group trip was to the island prison of Cuba.

Well, this year they seem to be taking an acid trip what with their new decision to erase Jesus from songs and put Hillary in his place. Over this past weekend the left-wing group re-tooled the Negro Spiritual song titled “Woke Up This Morning With Jesus On My Mind” and dumped Jesus for Hillary.

This group has gone political in the past, of course. They sang songs to Obama, too.

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Obama has been the recipient of a lot of fanatical, left-wingers forcing kids top pray to him in song.

You may recall some of these gems….

Warner Todd Huston

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