DNC Rather Un-enthused To Release Their Own Donor Lists

by William Teach | July 22, 2016 7:23 am

Since the Citizens United ruling, Democrats have thundered on about the need for sunlight and transparency when it comes to donors. They’ve caterwauled about secret lists of people and companies donating “dark money”, and they want it stopped. They want to force donors to be exposed. Well, not their own donors, of course. Republican donors.

(AP[1]) The host committee for the Democratic National Convention wants to keep its donor list under wraps until after the convention even though a state open records agency has ordered its release.

A Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee lawyer told a judge Thursday the release of fundraising records could harm the organization’s last-minute efforts to seek donations and negotiate vendor contracts.

They always have an excuse as to why their donors should be kept secret while Republicans should be published. Why? Many reasons. One of them is certainly so the individuals, groups, and companies can be targeted in a negative manner by Democrats.

Another is surely that many of the donors are big moneyed individuals and companies, ones that Progressives despise, and the DNC would prefer that their unhinged base not know about this.

Regardless of the reason, the DNC is, as typical, refusing to practice what they preach[2]. Don’t forget, their platform calls for repealing Citizens United, and Hillary wants a Constitutional amendment to kill it. It also calls for the end to dark money. Yet, they won’t even release their donor list when it is required by law. Go figure.

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