DNC’s Radical Deputy Chair Ellison May Implement ALARMING New Dem Strategy!

DNC’s Radical Deputy Chair Ellison May Implement ALARMING New Dem Strategy!

The Democratic National Committee, fresh off their loss to Donald J. Trump and the GOP, is bringing in new leadership to try to regain political power. And one of their new leaders is Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison, Congressional Representative from Minnesota. Mr. Ellison has the distinction of being the first Muslim elected to Congress. Which wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t have such radical and ill-advised goals in mind for the future of Congress and the DNC.

According to a CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) intern, Ellison believes he is the first of what he hopes are many more Muslim lawmakers to be elected and he is said to envision a time when we have a Muslim Caucus bigger and more powerful than the Congressional Black Caucus. And his alleged plans for that caucus and its influence would be to wipe out the Patriot Act, make it illegal to profile Muslims in terror-related investigations and stop the surveillance of mosques. All of these so-called Muslim-friendly policy changes would, of course, cripple the ability of the US to effectively fight terrorism.

Ellison is closely affiliated with CAIR, which in itself has been linked to known terror organizations. At one time or another 7 different CAIR board members or staff were either denied entry into the US, arrested, indicted or pleaded guilty and/or were convicted of terrorist charges.

As well, Mr. Ellison is known to be anti-Semitic, based on his past remarks.

This is not a man who should be in a position of power. And yet that is exactly where the Democrats have placed him. Apparently to the Progressives, progress means giving power to people with bad ideas and even worse track records. This is exactly why they lost the election.

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