Does The ‘Shell’ Health Care Bill Have Any Teeth? Dead Sister’s or Otherwise?

?(Originally posted at RedState)

The short answer is: Do not trust. And verify.

Upon the release of the ’shell’ 2,300 page reconciliation health care bill, which includes a public option, immediately some started issuing calls to calm down, that it’s a shell bill that will allegedly be stripped by the Rules Committee. Allegedly is the key word. While it is what we are being told, there is no guarantee. In fact, the air drop rules committee strategy allows for any provisions that they need to pass the bill, and that can include the public option or anything else that they wish to insert.

Public option is technically back on the table. And the only way it will come off the table, is if it is stripped out. If.

Why on earth would anyone believe that it would be? Or that any of it will be? Why would anyone believe that the Democrats play fair and that we can all work together all gentlemanly-like and in good faith? They cannot be trusted – they will smile to your face and then turn around and bite off your pinky. They lie to members of their own caucus and now admit they have no plans to remove funding for abortion stipulations.

Additionally, we have no idea what will be in the final reconciliation bill and we won’t know. It is not a transparent process. Nancy Pelosi has already said that they “have to pass the bill, so you can find out what’s in it.”

The Democrats have made it clear that they are all in. They’ve also made it quite clear that even the Constitution will not stand in their way. A fundamental change to our Country and the principles upon which it was founded is their ultimate pot. They don’t care if it causes them unpleasantness in the short term. Socialized medicine gives them permanent power in the long term.

They also know this is their last hand at the table. They know they will likely be swept out in the 2010 elections. They need to do it now. And they will stop at nothing to do so. The more ludicrous it sounds, the more likely it is that they will attempt it.:  Remember, this is their end game; they know they’ve over-played their hand. They are now left with one last bet.:  They *know* they are in deep trouble in 2010, regardless.

Pelosi has been bluffing all week about having the votes. Perhaps that is a way to create plausible deniability when they pull a sneaky move; they can then try to deflect it by saying “we had the votes anyway”.:  We cannot fall for their bluffs. And we must make sure that no one else does either.

Melt the phones. Call the Democrats in red districts who may care more about their personal re-elections than the ideological pot.:  Call Republicans and force them to realize that the Democrats are “all in” and to stop with the dangerous “bi-partisanship” and being polite stuff.

The time for polite is over. We must be on guard for any possibility and the GOP must have the fortitude and the spine to stop each one.

Do NOT trust. And verify. Vigilance is what is needed now.

?(Originally posted at RedState)

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