Donald Trump: Carly Fiorina Made Fun of Barbara Boxer’s Looks in 2010 [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | September 18, 2015 10:17 am

I couldn’t disagree more with the Dr. Raphael Sonenshein.[1] People make relentless fun of Donald Trump’s hair… which I don’t get by the way. Yep, he went after Fiorina’s looks and I don’t think he should have done that, but it is typical New York banter. Fiorina going after Boxer was catty and she shouldn’t have done that either. I don’t see a difference here. No one should be going after other’s looks on the campaign trail. We have more important issues to deal with than that by far. But the fact of the matter is that Carly does not have the high ground here. Honestly, I don’t think that Trump or Fiorina are the ones making an issue out of this – it is the media doing it and they need to knock it off. I find it hypocritical to attack Trump and give Fiorina a pass on the issue if it has to be brought up. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose in politics and life.

Donald Trump in New Hampshire Thursday night. (Getty Images)[2]

Donald Trump in New Hampshire Thursday night. (Getty Images)

From NewsMax:

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, under fire for comments about rival Carly Fiorina’s appearance, said there is a double standard when it comes to people criticizing others.

Trump has long noted he has been made fun of because his hair, but during an appearance Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” he pointed to a story from 2010 when Fiorina made fun of the hairdo of California Sen. Barbara Boxer when she ran unsuccessfully to unseat her.

Fiorina can be seen in a video feed while preparing for an interview with CNN in which she said someone “saw Barbara Boxer briefly on television this morning and said what everyone says, ‘God, what is that hair? So yesterday.'”

Fiorina laughs, then suddenly realizes she is on camera and wearing a microphone, and she stops.

Trump told Hannity not only is there a double standard between men and women, but said it also is “being politically correct.”

“Last night I was very nice to her and some people thought I was being sarcastic,” Trump said. “But actually if you look back at the records on Carly, she was brutal on Barbara Boxer. She was very nasty.”

Cal State LA political science professor Dr. Raphael Sonenshein told[3] there is a difference between a man criticizing a woman’s looks and one woman criticizing another woman.

“In a slight way, in a weird way of gender dynamics, her making fun of her female opponent was not good,” Soneshein said. “But it’s a little bit different, when a bombastic guy like Donald Trump does it. It really had a whole extra dimension.”

This whole dual standard because of gender or race is just infuriating and ridiculous. Trump has a sense of humor that many don’t get and many others choose deliberately not to get. Like all of us, sometimes our wit and humor goes thud. The truth of the matter is that politics is nasty business and people tend to say vicious things. That doesn’t excuse it or make it okay. But if you are going to hold one person to a certain standard, then hold all of them to it regardless of what gender they are or the color of their skin. Carly Fiorina takes as good as she gets. Trump, in his own way, apologized. Now move on. All these encounters do is fracture the conservative movement more which is what the Democrats and the RINOs want. We’re about to get nuked and we are talking about looks. It’s surreal.

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