Don’t Like High Gas Prices? Democrat Report Says “Drive Less”

by William Teach | June 6, 2011 6:47 am

This one’s a few days old, hadn’t popped in to Grist for awhile, but, it’s a hoot, and exactly what one would expect from Delusional Democrats. Said Grist story[1], which boils it all down, comes via DC Streets Blog[2], which opens thusly

Members of Congress of all stripes are trying to show that they’re concerned and responsive to the financial strain caused by high gas prices. Some are recommending more oil drilling. Some want to end subsidies to oil companies. Today, members of the Congressional Livable Communities Task Force[3] suggested that providing more diverse transportation options to more people might help.

“Here in Washington, DC, when gas prices spike, people have choices,” said Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), chair of the Task Force. “They can take a bus, Metro, bike, Capital Bike-share, walk, cab, drive. It’s a wide range of [choices] and it actually minimizes some of the sticker shock. But unfortunately, about half the American population doesn’t have an environment they live in that provides those choices. Too much of America is dependent on a pattern that imagines that we will always have an unlimited supply of inexpensive gasoline, and government policies in housing and road transportation reinforce that.”

Blumenauer and other members of the Task Force introduced a report this morning called “Freedom From Oil: Policy Solutions From the Livable Communities Task Force[4].” It’s an impressive product from a Congressional task force, many of which exist in name only. The more than two dozen members of the Livable Communities Task Force, all House Democrats, strive to make the federal government a better partner with communities to promote “cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions to infrastructure problems” and “coordinate transportation, housing, and environmental policies and investments.”

So, these Democrats have suggestions for things that do not actually exist? Shocker!

The lawmakers of the Task Force said increasing oil drilling in the U.S. will never have an appreciable effect on world oil prices, because the price of oil is determined globally and the U.S. supply won’t be sufficient to make a significant difference.

Yo, chumps, we aren’t concerned with lowering world oil prices by drilling our own oil: we’re attempting to lower American oil prices and become less dependent on foreign oil. Democrats really do live in alternated worlds.

Anyhow, much of what they are pushing is about creating bike lanes, getting people to take the bus (increasing your commute time exponentially), increase federal spending on buses, and, here’s a good one

Use the tax code to encourage businesses to offer comprehensive commuter benefit programs that level the playing field for alternative, non gas-dependent transportation.

So, screw certain people through taxation. Not Congress Critters and the President, who use enormous amounts of oil, of course.

Increase funding for “Safe Routes to School” programs so that parents and children have the option to get to school safely without driving.

Interesting. It was liberal criminal justice policies, along with busing kids all over counties (which liberal are fighting against ending here in North Carolina’s Wake County), that made it difficult, and unsafe, for kids to walk or bike to school.

Grist sums it up

Rep. Earl Blumenauer and the congressional Livable Communities Task Force are still patiently trying to explain to the rest of Congress that it might be a good idea for people to be able to move around without cars. Yesterday, the task force put out a report[5] outlining the startling concept that people might be less affected by gas prices if they didn’t have to drive as much. Instead of drilling for more oil to address gas prices, we could just use less! SHOCKING.

Personally, I just don’t understand why Conservatives say Democrats have no idea how the economy works, and want to limit people’s movement. /sarc

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