Elections Have Consequences

by Lori Ziganto | October 21, 2010 6:00 pm

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Another awesome video from Ben Howe[3] (with brother Caleb Howe[4]). First he had “The Last Best Hope.”[5] Next came The Socialist[6], which was a brilliant take-off of the film The Social Network. He clearly showed the disdain with which the current crop of Democrats treats American citizens. Because, Better Than You â„¢.

The latest video, via RedState[7], is entitled Elections Have Consequences:

If there is one characteristic every Democrat in the above video shares, it’s arrogant disdain. They know best, you don’t. Alan Grayson says you’re gullible. Disagree? Let him know. There are two weeks left. First, vote with your money. Then, vote with your time. And finally, vote with your vote.

The disdain and outright contempt for We, The People is evidenced once again in this video. As is the unmitigated, and unfounded, hubris. The stench of Smug â„¢ is overwhelming. Also overwhelming is the ignorance; Maxine Waters is particularly amusing. The Left has actually become a self-parody. All you need are their own words. The Onion had better watch out; they’ll be out of work soon!

We can now show them that elections do have consequences. Come November 2nd, let’s show them that one such consequence is a the big old boot (I know, so violence foment-y!) in the form of a pink slip for the whole lot.

I can see refudiation from my house.


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