Even Dems Sour on ObamaCare Disaster

A few months ago, Democrats were shrieking that the sky would fall if they didn’t seize control of the healthcare industry immediately. But the upcoming election, combined with the public’s fervent rejection of ObamaCare, has changed their tune:

Since the beginning of Congress’s August recess, Democratic candidates have poured $930,000 into ads deriding the health overhaul but just $300,000 in pro-reform spots, according to Evan Tracey at Kantar Media. …

Moreover, Tracey’s data shows that health reform opponents — inside and outside of Congress — are increasingly outspending supporters. Opponents now spend seven times as much on anti-reform spots as supporters spend on pro-reform spots, a marked change from early May, when their dollars only doubled those of reform advocates.

Anti-reform forces, including the Chamber for Commerce, Americans for Prosperity and Crossroads GPS, have spent $14 million on advertisements since early August, Tracey said.

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At the same time, pro-reform groups have spent just $1.8 million.

Too bad the ObamaCare abomination has already been rammed through into law. Maybe it can be defunded, eventually even repealed — but this won’t be accomplished by electing Democrats, no matter what they say in their ads.

Dems can run from ObamaCare, but they can’t hide from voters. Via LOL Pix.

On a tip from Carly. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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