Failed NYC Terrorist May Have Gotten TAXPAYER FUNDED GIFT CARD From Mayor De Blasio

by Margaret M. | December 13, 2017 5:49 pm


The recent failed terrorist incident in New York City is getting more and more curious the more that is found out about the man who attempted to take the lives of others with a bomb that failed to detonate properly, injuring himself and several others.

And Mayor Bill de Blasio is already in the papers defending actions that previously benefited Akayed Ullah, born in Bangladesh and living in Brooklyn, who tried to murder Americans. De Blasio said of the program which has come under fire:

“It may shock you that I was not in the meeting determining whether there should be Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards.”

Reportedly, de Blasio had given approval to a program that gave out $15 gift cards to doughnut shops for any criminal suspect who was willing to fill out a 144 question survey that was conducted and gathered by the Center for Court Innovation. Overall, the survey and the cards cost taxpayers $800,000 through the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice and Ullah is eligible to be one of the recipients.

The survey and cards are meant to make “accused criminals happier in court” by asking them to rate the courtesy of personnel like judges and prosecutors, as well as the temperature of the courtrooms. Yes, the accused are giving coffee dollars to let the Mayor’s office know if the court was a bit too nippy for their liking or if the judge gave them a funny look. At this time we have no word on whether the pipe bomber has received his freebie for sizing up the staff, but he will definitely be eligible to take the survey.

With violence on Rikers sky rocketing the De Blasio Administration is giving them $15 Dunkin' Donuts Gift Cards[2]

— Curtis and Cosby (@curtisandcosby) December 11, 2017[3]

Even fellow Democrats think it’s crazy, with City Councilman Paul Vallone taking a turn at it:

“Let’s make sure today’s subway pipe bomber is greeted with a hello, given a proper greeting and gets his gift card.”

No reason not to be polite to the man, is there? After all, he didn’t actually murder anyone. He only tried.

Years ago, police in New York City literally turned their backs on Bill de Blasio[4] after they blamed the murder of two local police officers on de Blasio. After a grand jury failed to indict the officer who killed Eric Garner, protesters claimed de Blasio had “blood on his hands” and should himself be charged with the murders of the two police officers who were found shot and killed execution style. De Blasio supported the protesters of the people who felt the Eric Garner decision was wrong and then he skipped attending the funerals of the two murdered officers.

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