Famed Pop Singer Art Garfunkel Warns That Muslims are ‘Transforming’ Europe with Mass Immigration

by Warner Todd Huston | September 21, 2015 11:51 am

Art Garfunkel, the other half of “Simon And…,” the duo responsible for the 1966 hit song “Sounds of Silence,” is warning that the millions of Muslims flooding into Europe is destroying the place and permanently transforming it.

Garfunkel recently told the folks at The Daily Mail[1] that the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe is a dangerous game that Europe should be wary of.

‘We are at a very interesting stage right now, where people are escaping from horrendous situations all over the world,’ the 73-year-old singer tells me.

‘There was a book I read recently, called Reflections Of The Revolution In Europe, where the author wants you to say: “Look at the shopkeepers, look at the dry cleaners, and it’s all turning Islamic.”

‘He is saying: “Look, I’m not going to make any judgments about this, but I want you Europeans to see that the changing face of Britain, of Germany and all over Europe is happening. It’s becoming much more Muslim. These are the facts.”

The 2009 book, by Christopher Caldwell, argues that mass immigration by Muslims is altering the culture of Europe because of their reluctance to join the culture of their new homelands. He claims Muslims do not so much enhance European culture as supplant it, and are ‘patiently conquering Europe’s cities, street by street’.

Caldwell says it’s ‘chilling’ that Europeans can’t have an open debate about the issue because any criticism of Islam is branded Islamophobic. He predicts that Britain is most susceptible to violence and political extremism.

He is obviously right, here.

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