Federal Workers Owe Over $3.5 BILLION in Unpaid Taxes

by Warner Todd Huston | March 25, 2015 11:28 am

Are you sick of paying taxes? Well, get a job in Obama’s government and apparently you are excused from, ever paying any! That is the apparent message with a story that reveals that federal workers owe $3.5 BILLION–yes that’s “billion” with a “b”–in unpaid taxes.

The story comes from the Associated Press[1]…

Federal workers and retirees owed more than $3.5 billion in unpaid taxes last year, a $200 million increase over the previous year, the IRS said Tuesday.

Almost 305,000 federal workers and retirees owed back taxes as of Sept. 30. That’s down from 318,000 the year before.

The delinquency rate was 3.1 percent for the 9.8 million workers and retirees included in the data. That’s down from 3.3 percent the previous year.

The IRS compiles data each year on unpaid taxes by federal workers. The data does not include workers who have enrolled in installment agreements to pay their back taxes.

These people should be immediately fired or have their pensions garnished until the taxes are satisfied. After all, that is what would happen to all of us, we peons who aren’t part of Obama’s jackbooted government.

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Source URL: https://rightwingnews.com/democrats/federal-workers-owe-over-3-5-billion-in-unpaid-taxes/