First Treacher, Now Peggy Fleming. Biden’s Motorcade Injures Fleming

by Lori Ziganto | February 14, 2010 11:52 pm

First, they came for some random citizens that I didn’t know – and I did nothing. Then, they came for Treacher – and I said nothing (except for blogging about it[1] and twittering some stern messages!) Next, they came for Peggy Fleming. Before they come for me, I must speak up.

Joe Biden’s motorcade was involved in yet another accident[2]. What is this now? Four? Like Jim Treacher himself said on Twitter[3]:: 

“Biden’s motorcade has killed and injured more people than global warming.”

And, now this time, they hit Peggy Fleming[4]! So, first, a State Department vehicle injures, rather seriously, Jim Treacher — and tried to cover it up. Now, Biden’s motorcade hits Peggy Fleming! Clearly, they hate America. Or, at least, conservative bloggers, random citizens and figure skating personalities.

The Olympic Integrated Security Unit says U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s motorcade was involved in a three-vehicle crash after leaving Vancouver, B.C., on Sunday morning.

Authorities say the vehicle transporting Biden was not hit, and that the Vice President arrived safely at his destination. The crash occurred shortly after 11:30 a.m. when the last vehicle of the motorcade rear-ended the vehicle before it, which then crashed into the next vehicle in the line.

Const. Carol Blannin of the ISU said the crash appears to have been accidental. “There is nothing to indicate that this was done on purpose,” Blannin said. “Possible contributing factors include road conditions and a possible oil spill on the roadway.”

Appears to be accidental? Media Matters, who has been relentlessly hounding the injured Jim Treacher[5], had better investigate this fully. Possible oil spill? You know who that can be blamed on, right? Yep, The nefarious BushCheney Regime â„¢. Start making the protest signs now: No Injured Figure Skaters for Oil!:  Bush Lied, Biden Lost Control of His Ride!

Two passengers from the car sandwiched in the crash were injured and taken to hospital. One has since been released. Blannin says the location of the crash is classified, as are the number of cars involved in the motorcade and the Vice President’s destination.

Where’s the transparency?!!

Former figure skating champion Peggy Fleming and former bobsled champion Vonetta Flowers suffered what a spokesperson said were “minor injuries” as guests in Vice President Joe Biden’s motorcade at the Winter Olympics on Sunday.

Jay Carney told the AP that the former Olympic champions were hurt during a small traffic accident involving the motorcade.

Huh. They probably should stop letting Biden drive. I think he’s part of the Vast Right Turn Conspiracy. And never mind Toyota; I think they need to start recalling government vehicles. Those suckers are dangerous.

P.S. I’m almost hoping that the person driving the motorcade car was a woman. Only because you know that Biden would totally make a “Sheesh! Women drivers! Am I right, fellas?” gaffe.

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