GASP! Even France is Saying Obama Surrendered to Iran. FRANCE!

by Warner Todd Huston | April 3, 2015 1:37 pm

Obama’s Iran deal is so bad that even the French are saying that Obama surrendered to Iran and if FRANCE thinks someone surrendered, you can bet they know what they are talking about.

People have joked about France for its tendency to surrender since WWI. They aren’t jokingly called “cheese-eating, surrender monkeys” for nuthin.’ So, if the French say Obama surrendered to Iran[1], you should take them seriously.

Not all of America’s negotiating partners were happy with the deal announce by President Obama. As talks proceeded past two deadlines last year, and the deadline earlier this week, the U.S. made a host of concessions. The American positions drew ire from France.

Today French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius gave a radio interview stating that France had rejected the original version of the deal as “not solid enough”, and wanted firmer conditions. But the Iranian delegation to walk out of the talks so Kerry gave in.

The French delegation was considered by observers to be one of the hardest bargainers of the P5+1 countries, a group which also included the U.S., Britain, Germany, Russia and China. Fabius told Europe 1 that France wants a firm deal “to prevent other countries in the Gulf such as Saudi Arabia from embarking on nuclear proliferation.”

As for the framework itself, Fabius called it a “very important” step, but noted that “the end of the road is the end of June.”

Obama wants us to thank him for allowing the most belligerent nation on earth to get a nuclear bomb?

Obama is the most dangerous person on the planet at this point.

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