Good to See University Students Acting Patriotically For A Change… But…

by Warner Todd Huston | May 13, 2011 8:19 pm

Today a left-wing, anti-American student at Louisiana State University wanted to burn a flag for, he claimed, “due process for students and suspected terrorists alike.” Yeah. Whatever.

As it happens, the students he was claiming to represent didn’t seem to appreciate his idea, though. Several hundred of them turned out to the place where he appeared and drowned out his sniveling statement with loud chants of “USA, USA.”

This nebbish was unable to get his little screed spoken and when water balloons began to pelt him the cops quickly moved him out putting an end to the whole scene. It was epic fail for this dude’s blather.

Now, let me say that I am thrilled to see a large number of the student body of any American university turn out in support of patriotic sentiment. This is a change. For decades our universities have been a hotbed of anti-Americanism, filled with limp-wristed, half-wit kids that are acting out against the USA like 10-year-olds.

This time, however, a big crowd gathered to actually support the USA. It is a welcome change on our campuses and I hope it is a growing trend that eventually scares straight the leftist administrations of these schools.

Our schools need to be returned to institutions that celebrate America, instead of the self-loathing, anti-American places they now are.

… and now the but…

The throwing of water balloons at this stoop shouldered, pantywaist was simply wrong. Shouting him down was bad enough but was at least a legitimate expression of their positions. I would not have supported the shouting down should this kid have been at an indoor, official school event. That sort of disruption would have been too much. But that it was out doors and not inside the school mitigates the opposition, too.

But the throwing of things was not right. Even though water balloons are the least harmful thing you can think of in such a situation, it was still wrong to commence the throwing of things.


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