GOP: Standing in the way of Utopia.

by Tabitha Hale | September 24, 2009 8:53 pm

Because clearly they’re entirely too accomodating to dissenting viewpoints[1].

If anything, the Democrats’ problem is that they permit too much dissent–unlike the Republicans, who demand “lockstep marching.” In fact, if Democrats would learn to be just a little less tolerant of dissent, they might get a lot more done.

Yeah, they just get STEAMROLLED. Poor little Democrats, bullied by the Republicans over and over again. Like that time[2] they kept the House floor open to make sure that Republicans also had time to speak. Or maybe that time they took the time to hear the concerns of the public on the stimulus package before it was rammed through.

Or maybe when they listened so closely to concerns about health care. They were SO RECEPTIVE to widespread concern that President Obama didn’t have to go on TV 4 times a day for an entire 3 month stretch to say the SAME THING over and over. Republicans were just bastards who didn’t bother offering any other plans[3].

Uh, right. (Side note: I need a sarcasm font desperately.)

They have done everything in their power to silence protesters and dissenting voices. Period. The media coverage has been laughable[4].

They have a 60 seat supermajority in the Senate. They have a 70 seat advantage in the House. They have a President who is willing to ram through as much horrible legislation as possible. They don’t need one Republican to accomplish anything. Not one nasty little GOPer has the ability to stand in the way of the their Utopian society under Team Lightbringer.

I have no patience for the pity game. Man up, lefties. You have the power to do whatever you want. You claim the the whole world wants your version of America. In the words of our President, “the stars have aligned”. Why aren’t you making this happen?

Democrats are realizing that their constituents don’t want them to support these proposals. They’re risking their jobs by consistently casting “yes” votes for bad bills. We are the ones that hired them. We have the ability to fire them.

WE are the ones standing in their way- you, me, and everyone else who has voiced their opposition. Keep holding their feet to the fire.

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