GOP’s Huelskamp Schools Al Sharpton: If Obamacare is so Great How Come Congress is Exempting Itself?

President Obama and his comrades on the American left continue daily to say how great Obamacare is. But Republican Representative Tim Huelskamp of Kansas has a simple question. If it’s so great why did Obama give Congress an exemption?

Rep. Huelskamp was on MSNBC on Sept. 26 with host Al Sharpton ostensibly to talk about the abuse of food stamps, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Sharpton ran straight toward the typical, left-wing attack that Huelskamp wanted to starve kids and kill old people. But Huelskamp calmly informed the wild-eyed, MSNBC host that the idea was to wean able-bodied people off the system so that they can go get jobs and be productive members of society instead of leeches…. OK, I said “leeches,” Huelskamp didn’t.

His reforms, the Congressman said, “won’t take a single calorie off the plates of kids.”

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Soon Sharpton quizzed Huelskamp on his opposition to Obamacare and the Rep. made some great points.

Huelskamp told Sharpton that the Department of Health and Human Services had “released selective statistics” that skewed the debate toward Obama’s unsubstantiated claims. “I don’t think Washington can run the health care system better than Kansans can,” Huelskamp insisted.

Then Rep. Huelskamp questioned, if Obamacare is so great, why don’t Congress and President Obama have to enroll in it? If it’s good enough for the rest of the country, Huelskamp said, “it should be good enough for the President of the United States.”

Huelskamp’s logic is unassailable, really.

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