GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS Terrorist Recruitment Video Features Fighters With American Accents

by Warner Todd Huston | September 20, 2014 10:46 am

Western Muslims and European converts to Islam from all across the world are streaming to Iraq and Syria to join the ISIS terror army. Now we have a new ISIS recruitment video featuring two men who sound like Americans–whether natural born or immigrants, we don’t know.

The new video shows[1] scenes of murder, mass graves, and destruction, so it isn’t safe for work.

A new propaganda video, “Flames of War,” released by ISIS on Youtube features two men with what appear to be American accents speaking perfect English. One of them, the video’s narrator refers to the “dark wave the crusader force” over clips of US military hardware and speaks of uniting Islamic radicals under the one banner of ISIS.

According to MailOnline, the video also contains special effects-enhanced battle footage of the group, and at the end shows another seemingly American-accented man standing before captured Syrian soldiers who have been forced to dig their own graves and say ISIS propaganda slogans before being executed.

We already know that hundreds of westerners are streaming to Syria and Iraq to fight with these monsters. Now we apparently have more Americans signed up.

Already US authorities are warning that up to 40 ISIS fighters have come to the United States[2]. And if they think there are 40, there are surely many more. And these terrorists are here just waiting to strike.

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  2. 40 ISIS fighters have come to the United States:

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