Hannah Giles Responds to Bob Beckel Calling Her a Ho

by Lori Ziganto | February 7, 2010 2:35 am


Even though Hannah Giles is younger, way younger, sigh, than I am, I want to be her when I grow up.: Best. Smackdown. Ever.[2] For those who didn’t see the show, the creepy Bob Beckel called Hannah Giles, Queen of the awesome ACORN take-down, a Ho during his Monday night appearance on “Hannity.” In case you also don’t know,: Tony Snow wrote one of Beckel’s speeches for him[3] once when Beckel was hungover after being drunk of his arse. Seems that, even allegedly sober, he is still a drunken lout. : Hannah Giles responds:

All I can say is,: Beckel would know[4].

This isn’t the first time he has been befuddled by a young woman’s actions.:  In the summer of 2002 Beckel came to know 20-year old “Tiffany,” a professional hooker who, after establishing a business relationship with him, attempted to extort $50,000 in exchange for her not exposing their relationship to his ex-wife and employers.

Don’t believe it, don’t remember it, want to get the facts? Check the: police report[5] for the gory details:

Please do check out: her full response at Breitbart’s Big Journalism[6]. If I excerpted everything that I want to, I’d just be copying her whole article. It’s fabulous.

And so is she.

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