Hillary Clinton Goes Fascist: Forces Event Attendees to Sign a Voter Pledge

Hillary Clinton Goes Fascist: Forces Event Attendees to Sign a Voter Pledge

That’s one event that I wouldn’t attend anyway, but doubly so upon having to sign a pledge to vote for the Hildabeast. That’s a level of arrogance that is impressive. I thought it was outrageous that the Republicans made Donald Trump sign a loyalty oath. This is far worse and it figures Hillary Clinton is doing it. At a Cleveland rally, before you could be granted entrance to the Marxist-fest being held within, you had to sign a piece of paper that said, “I commit to vote for Hillary Clinton.” Of course, her campaign is saying no one was restricted access to the event if they didn’t sign, but there was at least one reporter there who said that wasn’t true. And apparently, the millennials attending just weren’t that into Hillary – they were much more into Bernie Sanders, the blatant socialist. I hear the event was catastrophic for Clinton.

Hillary Clinton

From the Conservative Tribune:

The idea of any sort of “loyalty oath” would seem anathema to liberals. If a Republican campaign were to administer one to them, they would probably accuse the campaign of McCarthyism and (quite rightly) lambast them in the press.

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However, when Hillary Clinton is issuing the loyalty oath, it becomes totally justifiable.

Yes, Hillary Clinton — our favorite obstructor of justice and 2016 Democrat front-runner, sort of — decided to make entrance to a campaign rally in Cleveland contingent upon signing a pledge that the entrant would vote for Hillary.

Clinton Loyalty Oath

According to a reporter with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, this was the coercive and disgusting pledge handed out to people who wanted to enter the event, which was geared towards millennials.

Because as we know, there’s nothing teenagers and 20-somethings like more than being told what to do and forced to sign a document saying that they’ll do it. No word yet on how many signatures on the signed pledges read “Señor Tequila,” “Monica Lewinsky,” or “Ura Felon.”

The same reporter who tweeted a picture of the pledge said that the event was a “disaster,” characterizing the millennials there as far more interested in Bernie Sanders and hearing her husband speak than in Hillary’s imploding campaign.

For their part, the Clinton campaign denied that the pledge was required for entry into the event. In a tweet, Clinton spokesman Jesse Ferguson said that “like other candidates, we offer people a chance to commit to vote but it is not a restriction to attend.” (H/T Mediaite)

Given Clinton’s history of prevarication and her campaign’s legendary tone-deafness, I’m going to side with the reporter on this one.

But hey — if you’re going to issue a loyalty oath, why do it halfway? Here are some line items that Conservative Tribune have developed for the Clinton Loyalty Oath 2.0. Don’t say we never did anything for you, Hills:

  • I declare that I am not now, nor have ever been, part or party to a “bimbo eruption.”
  • I hereby swear that “pantsuit” is my favorite word in the English language.
  • I agree that it was totally impossible for you to use two separate cell phones for work and private email, and that server in your home was totally justified.
  • I completely agree that anyone who isn’t going to vote for you is sexist. I also agree that the sexist manner in which you trashed the reputation of any woman who claimed untoward behavior by your husband during your time in the White House was totally not sexist, and anyone who says that your sexism was sexist is a sexist.
  • Really, no, I don’t find your husband attractive. I would never give him my number. I swear.

And, Hillary — If you feel the need to show your gratitude for these suggestions, just send some money from the Clinton Foundation slush fund you used to pay off Sidney Blumenthal to my PayPal account [email protected] Thanks in advance!

Can you imagine your reaction if someone handed you a piece of paper requiring you to pledge your vote to anyone, much less Hillary Clinton? I’d look at it, laugh at them, tear it to shreds, throw it in their face and walk away. That’s just me. You know. Benito Mussolini was also big into loyalty oaths and that turned out so very well. This shows a level of desperation on Clinton’s part that is just staggering. It also shows a mindset of intimidation and when all else fails, force people to get in line and do as you say. I would call those qualities more indicative of a dictator than a president.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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