Hillary Clinton Says Charleston Church Shooting Was… Donald Trump’s Fault?

by Warner Todd Huston | June 19, 2015 11:55 am

Here’s some campaign trail stupidity that will make your head spin… Hillary is now saying that the shooter at the Charleston church was driven to his crime by, uh, Donald Trump, or something.

Clinton made her idiotic comment on the Jon Ralston show on Thursday[1]. She didn’t say Trump’s name specifically, but she went on to directly re-state some of the points he made in his announcement of his run for president.

Hillary Clinton didn’t call The Donald out by name, but she suggested in an interview Thursday that comments like ones the real estate tycoon-turned-Republican presidential candidate made during his recent announcement speech could “trigger” events like this week’s church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

“We have to have a candid national conversation about race, and about discrimination, hatred, prejudice,” Clinton said of the Charleston shooting in an interview with Jon Ralston on his show “Ralston Live.”

“Public discourse is sometimes hotter and more negative than it should be, which can, in my opinion, trigger someone who is less than stable.”

Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, did not say Trump’s name, but went on to explicitly mention remarks he made during his announcement speech on Tuesday, the day before a white gunman opened fire in a historically African-American church, killing nine people.

“I think we have to speak out against it,” Clinton explained. “Like, for example, a recent entry into the Republican presidential campaign said some very inflammatory things about Mexicans. Everybody should stand up and say that’s not acceptable.”

She went on to again allude directly to Trump (again without saying his name) when the host mentioned him.

“I think he is emblematic,” Clinton said in reference to Trump. “So I want people to understand, it’s not just him, it’s everybody.”

This is nonsense. Why isn’t she attacking her president? He has been divisive since he became president. If any one is dividing the country it is Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Leave it to a Democrat, though, to try and use this crime to political advantage. Hillary didn’t even let the bodies get cold before she used their deaths for her political benefit.

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