Hit And Run Compares Arizona Rampage To…..Wait, Hit And Run?

by William Teach | January 13, 2011 7:34 am

Michael C. Moyhnihan produces a whopper of a tale, with all sorts of paranoid and incorrect blamestorming, hours before Obama told people like him to just stop it[1]. Witness the insanity: The Assassin Who Would Save America from the Extreme Right[2]

If political rhetoric can inspire murder, then it follows that those issuing warnings about the current “tone” in American discourse–those breathless invocations of “eliminationists” acting like “Brownshirts” and “fascists,” those warning that the Republic is heading towards Weimar–could provoke the mentally unstable left-wing types, right? Now, I don’t buy this argument either way, but when do warnings about the revolutionary intentions of the Tea Party or those who say the American government has been hijacked by Maoists and syndicalists and Bukharinists also count as dangerous incitement? Well, never. But let’s play this game anyway (everyone else seems to be doing it, after all), and look for an example of a hyperpoliticized assassin attempting to save America from an impending far-right dictatorship.

So, he doesn’t buy it all, but, he is going to tell us why he does buy it, and, now, go back and rewrite time

We needn’t look very far.

At his blog, Andrew Sullivan offers, without comment, a contemporaneous passage from historian William Manchester describing the political climate in the months before the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy–Swastikas daubed on Jewish stores, “radical Right polemics” showing up in schools, mainstream liberals being accused of harboring Red sympathies, and Dallas as “the mecca for medicine-show evangelists of the National Indignation Convention, the Christian Crusaders, the Minutemen, the John Birch and Patrick Henry societies.”

Except, they were harboring Soviet Communist sympathies. That’s been proven, no matter what Liberals want to say. Facts are facts. But, it’s really cute that Oswald, a die-hard Soviet commie, who traveled to and lived there, shot Kennedy because of the right wing. Anyhow, Allahpundit tears the whole story apart[3], so, I shan’t. What I will say is “Hit and Run”? That’s a rather threatening and violent blog name, is it not? It evokes images of mayhem and destruction, assault and battery, and could cause someone to act out their fantasies. In fact, I blame the blog for the attempted murder by hit and run of Katherine Harris[4]. And the guy who tried to run over people at the University of NC at Chapel Hill[5]? Hit and Run’s fault. Obviously, the blog header incited the Muslim to go crazy. And any attempted or completed hit and run will be their fault.

So, perhaps Reason should rename the blog to something cute and fuzzy, less violent and threatening, lest they incite someone with their left wing discourse, because sane people will obviously not understand the context.

As a sidebar, I didn’t hear all of Obama’s memorial speech, but, what I did hear, I thought was very good. Though, he missed an opportunity to stop the memorial from being a pep rally, which had already started under previous administration speakers. Still, good speech. Presidential. And, regarding the toning down of the discourse, he needs to practice what he preaches.

*And, yeah, for those who are dense (read “liberals”), of course it is sarcasm regarding Hit and Run.

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