If you can hear the whistle, you’re the dog

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Perhaps the party and movement that is race-obsessed is where the real racists reside. And by “perhaps” I mean “hell yeah!”

It’s time we danced this dance. You got your prettiest high heels on and your cross-dress for success little red number, I got my shit-kickers on. So, shall we?

Before we get serious, a little correction of history
Democrats teach that racism is a thing centered in the world of Republican whites, and always has been. Bullshit. Let’s take a quiz, called name that party:

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xlargeWhich party:

  • passed Jim Crow laws repressing the black right to vote?
  • gave rise to Bull Connor and other big city bosses, using city machine politics to disenfranchise blacks?
  • was home to the KKK, using terrorism, murder, and voter disenfranchisement to intimidate blacks out of any meaningful political expression?
  • is the party of labor unions, virulently anti-black, both historically and now?
  • had key committee chairmen opposing the Civil Rights Act, and filibustered in the Senate for 57 days?
  • had a governor standing in the doorway to try to block black students from entering the University of Alabama?
  • Architects of the welfare state which accomplished in two generations what 120 years of racial repression could not do, destroy the black family and personal independence?

Punch yourself in the face for each time you failed to answer “Democrat”. OK, a couple more questions. Which party:

  • did Martin Luther King Jr belong to?
  • did Democrat presidents Kennedy and Johnson team with to pass the Civil Rights Act?
  • has continually worked to end the welfare state, rampant unemployment, and abortion butcher mills targeting black communities, thereby returning dignity to families of every race?

Again, punch yourself in the face for each time you failed to answer “Republican”.

So, do you hear that dog whistle? It’s saying Democrats are the party of racism.

Conservatives never wanted to play
Nobody on the conservative side is willing to talk much about race these days. The reason why is perfectly obvious and simple: the race-obsessed Left, with their cynical opportunists, race-hustlers, and media assassins, make it prohibitively expensive for conservatives to engage in the slightest dialog about race. So we don’t.

Couple that with the fact that the conservative, almost by definition, doesn’t care, and doesn’t even WANT to care, about race; put it in the oven for 30 minutes, and out pops a “this never gets talked about” cake. Conservatives are about individual freedom, about justice and order, and rather little else.

Lefties will never believe that
The Left is confounded by the fact that the Right doesn’t care to discuss race. It’s not that Leftists considered and rejected that notion: it’s that they don’t know a person that doesn’t have to be race-, class-, and power-obsessed in the same way they are. It would not occur to them to measure people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin, or by their advocacy group or economic class. Not being exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer — in fact, more like a spoon — Lefties assume everybody else thinks the same way. By the way, I just used a conservative dog whistle to say “Lefties are stupid.” Did you hear it?

Thus, dog whistles
Meanwhile they assume that we DO want to discuss it, but only amongst ourselves. For fear of the Left’s sharp political-correctness sticks, we hide our seething racial hatred with “code words” , or “dog whistles”.

So, seemingly half the English vocabulary is code for a racist thought, as long as it’s a Republican saying it. Lately, even terms like “tea party”, “freedom”, “live free or die” are all symbols for white supremacy, and thus racism.

And not just words. There are racism dog-whistle actions as well:

  • voting Republican — racist!
  • opposing Obamacare — racist!
  • wanting people to show an ID when they vote — racist!
  • taking issue with Stimulus, the illegal war in Libya, drastic expansion of food stamps and disability, and a ballooning national debt crisis — racist!
  • investigating and pursuing IRS crimes, Benghazi cover-up, Fast & Furious crimes, or any other scandal under Obama’s watch — racist!
  • making note of Obama’s many vacations and golf outings, or Moo-chelle dictating what America should eat, while parading around with an ass two axe-handles wide and feasting on meals a Roman emperor would envy — racist!

In sum, BWR — Breathing While Republican — makes you a racist.

And the dogs
The funny thing about that is the only people who hear the dog whistles are the race-obsessed racists of the Left. And the other funny thing is , they only seem to hear it when Republicans say it.

Joe Biden, a contender in every year’s Most Blatant Redneck Racist in America pageant, mainly due to the swimsuit portion, once said: (h/t Steven Crowder)

I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy

The FIRST black who was not smelly and dumb? Hey, no dog whistle there. Democrats can’t be racist.

Sometimes even not saying anything is a dog whistle
Did you notice I wrote an entire article about race and never once used the term African-American (except when quoting Moron Joe)? Oops, RACIST! A dog-whistle in reverse.

You know, if you can hear the whistle, you’re the dog.

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