Illegal Alien, Deported Twice, Kills 14 Year Old In Texas

by William Teach | August 16, 2010 8:56 am

But, hey, let’s send a minimal force of National Guard troops down to the border, people who are not actually going to secure the border, just hang in the background as support personnel. That way, the federal government can be complicit in more despicable acts such as this[1]

(14 year old Shativia) Anderson was robbed and killed Saturday less than 100 yards from her family’s apartment in the 1100 block of Langwick Drive, police said. Police said the crime happened at about 12:30 a.m. as Anderson walked to the intersection of Greens Road and Wayforest.

Melvin Alvarado, 22, and Jonathan Ariel Lopez-Torres, 18, confessed that they were involved in the robbery and shooting, police said.

Police said Alvarado shot Anderson in the back and Torres drove the getaway vehicle. Both of the suspects lived in the area where Anderson was robbed and killed, according to police.

Anderson’s family members were angered when they learned Alvarado was an illegal immigrant from El Salvador and had previously been deported from the U.S. twice.

Janet Incompetano is now calling[2] for “comprehensive immigration reform now that the border is secure.”

Although it will take about eight months for the new agents to be hired and trained, Ms. Napolitano[3] said the border is already secure enough that it should not be used by critics to “preclude discussions about immigration reform.”

“Sometimes I hear ‘securing the border’ and the goalpost just keeps moving – well, we’ve done this,” Ms. Napolitano[3] said, echoing statements by Mr. Obama[4] that it’s now time for a comprehensive bill that would provide illegal immigrants a pathway to legalization.

The borders actually have to be secure, Janet, and adding a few more agents will not do it. The border with Mexico is 1969 miles. Even adding 1,000 more agents to the existing force, that is quite a bit of territory to cover. You want a pathway to citizenship? Fine, then, in the spirit of bipartisanship, I expect

  1. The border fence to be completed in full. It sure seems to work in San Diego
  2. Kill the virtual fence and replace with a real fence. The idea is to keep them out, not watch them come in and hope we can catch them
  3. Anyone caught crossing the border will be immediately kicked out. No long judicial process
  4. Harsh penalties, codified in federal law, for any entity that employs illegals
  5. For a pathway, every illegal MUST learn English, must attend citizenship classes, must have no prior brushes with the law (including a previous deportation), may not be on welfare, Medicaid/Medicare, or any other government paid for program, including public housing, must purchase their own insurance, may not have been shown to be involved in identity theft, must pay back taxes, and must pay a whopping fine equivalent to what someone would pay to legally immigrate to the USA. Plus, this pathway must last at least 5 years, and any violation of the above will mean immediate deportation. No long legal wrangling, no appeals. Just BAMM on a plan and gone.
  6. Change the 14th Amendment to state that anchor babies will no longer be given automatic citizenship

That last one is a killer, since Janet N. is against it[5]. Heck, everything is a killer, since Democrats, and some Republicans, have no intention of securing the border and actually requiring English and such. They can talk about it, but, they will never do it. And as they yammer and quibble, more Americans like Shativia will be murdered by illegals.

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