Illegal Alien’s Bill of Rights

by Warner Todd Huston | November 28, 2010 1:33 pm

President Barack Obama will soon introduce the Undocumented Resident’s Affirmative Toleration Act (URAT) in order to protect those unfortunate minorities that didn’t win life’s lottery by being born in the U.S.A. President Obama’s compassion for these downtrodden and oppressed peoples is well known, but he wants particular attention paid to those human beings that white Arizona racists have mercilessly attacked with their new ultra strict, unheard of anti-minority resident laws.

President Obama has released information of the URAT Act ahead of the scheduled press conference including the features of URAT.

The 2010 Undocumented Resident’s Affirmative Toleration Act (URAT) will summarily order the following:

Further Nancy Pelosi has added a section to the bill that provides for an automatic straight ticket Democrat vote for every undocumented resident that signs up for the program.

President Obama said that if he can’t get this bill passed in the final 2010 sessions he will turn it into an Executive Order and pass it anyway. You know, like he does most things.

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