Illinois Congressmen Help Tip in Big Labor Amendment

by Warner Todd Huston | June 15, 2011 10:31 am

On Monday I alerted you all to a jobs-killing, union-favoring amendment being considered in the House of Representatives in Washington, one that needed to be defeated. Unfortunately, the amendment was successful and now, in this dour economy, unions will be able to make matters worse just when we need a shot in the arm. (See “>previous post[1] for particulars of the bill.)

Sadly, we lost this battle by one stinking vote[2] and this example shows that even though we may have a GOP controlled House of Reps. they still don’t always support conservative measures — and they need to be carefully watched! Those supporting this jobs-killing amendment numbered 204 and those voting in favor of economic success only numbered 203. (25 representatives did not vote at all)

Now, seeing as how I am from Illinois — the most corrupt state in the union — I focused in my previous post on those of the Illinois Republican delegation that had in the past supported Big Labor bills similar to the one in question. So, this is a follow up to that report.

The members of the Illinois delegation that voted in favor of helping Big Labor cost the American taxpayer millions were as follows:

Any two of these folks could have pushed this amendment in the right direction, toward fiscal responsibility and right-to-work rules.

Congratulations, though, to Randy Hultgren, Adam Kinzinger, and Bobby Schilling for voting the right way. These three should be praised for voting against the interests of jobs-killing unions.

For whatever reason Rep. John Shimkus did not vote. Maybe his constituents should ask him why?

In fact, those that voted to help unions cost the taxpayers millions should also be asked why they supported this amendment?

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