Illinois: Why Government Cannot be Trusted

Government is often called the “necessary evil.” But whatever it is, as each day passes we see that the “evil” part of that axiom seems ever more true. We can see the pernicious qualities of government at every level from local, to the state, to the era of Obamaism in the federal government. But if you want yet another example of how truly disgusting government is we have to look no farther than Illinois, the corruption larded Land of Lincoln.

In 2009 the Illinois State legislature passed a bill that for the first time legalized video poker machines. This was done so that the state could raise much needed revenue — I say “much needed” because obvious CUTS are never considered in a budget that is billions of dollars over spent. But because so many Illinoisans oppose the evils of legal gambling in their state the legislature added an opt out clause so that each individual county and community could decide if they wanted to allow video gambling in their jurisdiction.

It almost seemed the perfect bill. Those areas that wanted to throw propriety and good government aside could vote for allowing video poker, those that realized that it was bad policy could just say no. What’s better than local rule?

Well, leave it to government to mess it all up. You see, the avaricious, profligate spenders in the state capitol in Springfield began to get alarmed at how many communities wanted to choose the opt out clause. These drunken sailors began to see that they might not get the revenue they thought they would see. So they arrived at a plan to get it anyway. These ripoff artists that pretend at being our leaders devised a new tax, one that would penalize any community that opted out of video gambling.

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That’s right, Illinois. If your community stands on the side of right and votes against video gambling you get penalized from the state. Nice, huh?

For this ignorant, idiotic idea you can thank a Democratic Senator from East Moline named Mike Jacobs. This guy is mad that some communities don’t want to institute gambling that will take away money from the citizens, from families, from car dealers, grocery stores, clothing stores, and any other place that would lose their income as people waste their money on gambling instead.

Some local politicians do seem to understand how bad gambling is for their community. For instance, in a recent interview I conducted with Comptroller candidate Jim Dodge — who is also a member of the board in Orland Park — we talked about video gambling. He noted how much his citizens would have to lose to allow for continued spending at current levels by the city.

But according to the revenue projection we got, gamblers would have to lose 1.5 billion dollars. And Dan and I then went on to say that that’s money not being spent on cars, refrigerators, televisions, home improvements or with your family and it’s money taken right out of the economy.

This is why Dodge and the Orland Park village board cut spending and laid off workers. They voted down gambling and instead tightened their belt. They are, however, one of the few to do so even as I assume they could have cut more. Still, that they cut at all is amazing. It isn’t likely that County or State government will make such cuts.

And as far as State Democrats are concerned they demand that our local governments either set up a policy that will worsen the lives of the citizenry or if they eschew such bad policy then they get penalized with higher taxes because of it. Instead of cutting state spending so this gambling revenue isn’t needed, they are looking to continue their profligate ways and will penalize anyone that doesn’t want to help them prop up welfare cheats, union thugs, and out-of-control spending.

One way or another these thieves in Springfield aim to take from you what they want. If your effuse to go by their program, they’ll change the rules in midstream.

That is where American government has gone; city, state, and federal.

For more info Illinois Church Action has a good website that reports all the communities that have voted to ban video gambling or are in the process of discussing the issue.

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