In The Future, Everyone Will Be A Klansman For 15 Minutes

by Ed Driscoll | April 3, 2010 5:33 pm

Newsalert catches Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen comparing Tea Partiers to the KKK[1], along with namedropping Kristallnacht:

If Cohen’s name sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because Cohen himself has been on the receiving of such treatment. As Allahpundit noted in August of 2008, “Race-baiting ad of the day: Democrat compares opponent to Klansman:”[2]

Of what vile sin could this Republican brute be guilty? Did he display a photo, perhaps, of Barack Obama talking to a white woman, along the same lines as the dozen examples to be found on Obama’s own website[3]? Not exactly. Playing the role of the conservative is liberal Democrat Steve Cohen, who represents a majority minority district in Memphis, endorsed Obama before Super Tuesday, introduced the resolution formally apologizing for slavery that recently passed the House[4], and last year tried to join the Congressional Black Caucus before being rejected[5] on account of insufficient pigmentation. Here’s what he gets for his effort.

And one month later in September of 2008, Cohen would practice his own brand of racial demagoguery, comparing a certain modern day former community organizer to Jesus, and a then-governor of Alaska to Pontius Pilate[6].

Which brings us to Cohen’s latest slur. As with small government Tea Partiers being absurdly compared with totalitarian, Leviathan-welfare state-embracing Nazis[7], it’s equally bizarre to compare them to Woodrow Wilson’s auxiliary league and booster club[8].

But will rhetoric such as Cohen’s latest effort continue to ramp up to even more surreal levels[9] between now and November?

Count on it[10].

(Originally posted at Ed[11].)

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