Indiana Democrat Fleebagger’s Hotel Bill Completely Paid for by Unions

It wasn’t long ago that Indiana Democrats fled the Hoosier state so that they could avoid doing their job in the state legislature. These Democrats self-righteously claimed that they were doing this “for the people” and insisted that they should be considered as heroes. One Indiana Democrat even claimed that his running off to Illinois to luxuriate in a resort hotel was somehow just like being a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan.

Well, after weeks and weeks of patting themselves on the back as working “for the people” we now see just who these fleebagging Democrats were really working for… and it sure as heck wasn’t “the people.”

A recent campaign finance report was released that shows that the entire $84,953.70 hotel bill at the Comfort Suites Urbana was paid for by unions. That’s right, unions.

This expense report seems to have turned Indiana Democratic State Chairman Dan Parker into a bit of a liar. OK, a full blown liar. You see, at the end of February, Parker told reporters that he was paying for the bill himself.

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As Hoosier Access so aptly says, “we now have it on record who the Indiana Democratic Party actually works for. Let the record show that it isn’t the people of Indiana.”

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