Investigators Find 60 More Classified Emails Illegally sent From Hillary’s Private Email Server

by Warner Todd Huston | August 17, 2015 11:19 am

The Washington Times has learned that government investigators have discovered not just two illegally sent emails but now the number is up to 60 illegally sent emails.

Clinton’s supporters have been dismissing the two emails that had recently been in the news as just a few accidents and that they should be ignored. But now the count of illegally sent emails has grown to 60[1].

While media coverage has focused on a half-dozen of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s personal emails containing sensitive intelligence, the total number of her private emails identified by an ongoing State Department review as having contained classified data has ballooned to 60, officials told The Washington Times.

That figure is current through the end of July and is likely to grow as officials wade through a total of 30,000 work-related emails that passed through her personal email server, officials said. The process is expected to take months.

The 60 emails are among those that have been reviewed and cleared for release under the Freedom of Information Act as part of a open-records lawsuit. Some of the emails have multiple redactions for classified information.

Among the first 60 flagged emails, nearly all contained classified secrets at the lowest level of “confidential” and one contained information at the intermediate level of “secret,” officials told the Times.

Remember, folks, there are over 60,000 emails Hillary sent and the searches of them so far has been “random.” Yet in these random selections they have found up to 60 illegally sent messages!

How is Hillary still walking around free?

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