Is Obama’s Commie ‘Green Czar’ A Quitter… Just Like Palin?

Obama made a huge mistake thinking that everyone in America hates their own country just like Reverend Wright, the killer Ayers, and now green czar Van Jones.

But Obama was wrong. Some Americans still actually love their country.

So, now that Van Jones’ apostasies have been revealed and he’s quit his president appointed position, I have a few questions:

What was it that the left castigated Governor Palin for? Wasn’t it that she was a “quitter”? Didn’t they chortle and guffaw that Palin quit her position as governor? Wasn’t it the worst thing they ever heard of at the time?

We all know that the left was all frothed up over Palin’s resignation, of course.

So, I am sure that now the entire left will rise up in unison to attack Van Jones for being a quitter… right?

After all, the left is full of integrity, right?


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